Key dates Varnish

Anders Berg andersb at
Sun Mar 5 23:50:37 CET 2006

Hi guys,

threw together some dates that we could focus on. My guess is that it  
will be revised, but we might as well start somewhere.

April 20.			Progressmeeting, Denmark.
June 1.			Progressmeeting, Oslo.
June 26-30.		Livetest.
July 10-28.		Vacation?
August 7-11.		Livetest 2.
August 14-17.	Acceptancetest.
August 18.		Deliverydate.

attached is also a iCal-file. I think Trac has support for that.

Also, could I get some feedback on:

its good to know I am not throwing away time before I continue and  
invent variables myself :)
Do we need a page like this or not?

I have also done some work on the "About" file that I might post  
later tonight.
The "History" file is also near complete.

Anders Berg

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