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Mon Mar 6 10:41:52 CET 2006

In message <D42EF9E4-357A-4135-B6D6-5ED9AB068540 at>, Anders Berg writes
>Hi guys,
>threw together some dates that we could focus on. My guess is that it  
>will be revised, but we might as well start somewhere.
>April 20.			Progressmeeting, Denmark.
>June 1.			Progressmeeting, Oslo.
>June 26-30.		Livetest.
>July 10-28.		Vacation?
>August 7-11.		Livetest 2.
>August 14-17.	Acceptancetest.
>August 18.		Deliverydate.

I've put them in my calendar and see no obvious conflicts, but as
usual, I need to confirm with the überkommando before I can
commit :-)

>its good to know I am not throwing away time before I continue and  
>invent variables myself :)
>Do we need a page like this or not?

Yes, we will need a page like that.

I've decided to tackle the "varnish programming language" compiler
first because it gives us so much flexibility during development and
test that not doing it first doesn't make sense.

If you have time to write a couple of config files it would be great
to have some "actual" test data :-)

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