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>>Hi guys,
>>threw together some dates that we could focus on. My guess is that it
>>will be revised, but we might as well start somewhere.
>>April 20.			Progressmeeting, Denmark.
>>June 1.			Progressmeeting, Oslo.
>>June 26-30.		Livetest.
>>July 10-28.		Vacation?
>>August 7-11.		Livetest 2.
>>August 14-17.	Acceptancetest.
>>August 18.		Deliverydate.
> I've put them in my calendar and see no obvious conflicts, but as
> usual, I need to confirm with the überkommando before I can
> commit :-)

Great :) Need to do the same. First of the vacation bit can be "tricky".
Secondly, the deliver date is so close to my weedingdate (when I get to be
a small department in the überkommando, 26. August) that it may cause some
problems there.

>>its good to know I am not throwing away time before I continue and
>>invent variables myself :)
>>Do we need a page like this or not?
> Yes, we will need a page like that.
> I've decided to tackle the "varnish programming language" compiler
> first because it gives us so much flexibility during development and
> test that not doing it first doesn't make sense.

I agree. Done some more work on:

But I am having trouble to structure the document right.

> If you have time to write a couple of config files it would be great
> to have some "actual" test data :-)

Yes, when the "varnish programming language" is more defined I will write
some mockups.

Anders Berg

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