event engine library selection

Anders Berg andersb at vg.no
Tue Mar 14 15:34:19 CET 2006

At 11:03 14.03.2006 +0100, Poul-Henning Kamp wrote:

>DES and I talked a bit about which event library to select for
>varnish long time ago and and I belive we have ISC's and Niels
>Provos' in the pool.
>As far as I can tell from inspection, the ISC code is "industry
>strength" where the Provos code is more "engineering sample".
>I'm quite worried that the multi-thread support in Provos library
>consists of creating events, and then as quickly as possible move
>them from the most recent engine to the one where they belong, that
>doesn't sound very safe to me.
>On the other hand, the Provos engine sounds like it is much more
>performance focused than ISC's engine, and that must count heavily
>for it as the acceptor/header-collector point is going to see
>significant load.
>If we decide on the Provos engine, we may have to spend time to fix up his
>multi-thread support and hope he will accept the patches.
>Comments ?

My gut feeling would say Provos (speed), but I really am not qualified to 
give a guess, never having read any of the code.
If it's not to much work, we could end up with giving a speedy eventlib a 
more "industry strength" approach, and that's the best of 2 worlds.

Anders Berg

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