error auto-restart problem..

xing at xing at
Sun Sep 17 19:20:49 CEST 2006

>> Pushing vcls failed:
>> CLI communication error
>> unlink /tmp/vcl.XXqufVqH
> I have just committed a change to make sure we get the error messages
> from the child in this case.

It only happened once in the last 72+ hours. Hopefully it will resurface 

> But regarding the multiple-instance thing:
> I think my inclination is that each instance of varnish gets a
> user chosen "identifier".  The only requirement I have is that
> it can be part of a filename (ie: no '/' etc).

This sounds good. I really do not have any preference on how instances 
should be tagged/identified as.

> You will of course have to specify that identifier to all programs
> that need access to the shared memory.

That's fine. I will likely use the domain name as identifier. The custom 
identifier string setup is easier than using the backend ip:port and 
much easier to type out on the terminal so I'm all for it.


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