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In message <33d607980707231131ib1fe195lab7424e0433ca2e8 at>, "Santi
ago Del Castillo" writes:
>Hi, I'm willing to try varnish on our production environment. Right
>now I've 5 squids running and serving static files. (1.3 million files
>~40k each and counting)
>I've some questions about varnish and the difference with squid.
>- Is it possible to set the amount of RAM varnish should use?

No, Varnish will use whatever is available because Varnish relies
on the Virtual Memory system of the kernel to do the RAM/disk

>- Varnish creates a directory tree like the one squid does?

No, just a single file.

>- Varnish starts dumping content to disk once memory is full?

Depends on the VM strategy of your operating system.  In general
you shouldn't need to worry about this at all.

>- '-s' option limits the disk size varnish will use to store files?


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