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Cryer,Phil Phil.Cryer at
Mon Oct 15 21:29:07 CEST 2007

Is there a tool, other than varnishstat, that I can use to show hits,
misses, etc of a session?  When we demo'd Squid we used the Cache
Manager CGI, and while it was clumsy, we could show results from one IP
and know how it did, caching wise.  I'm looking for something in Varnish
I can do that with, so far I've been doing a fresh run, then running
'varnishstat -w 1000' and then just copying the output from the

Also, this project is aimed to help speed up the response time of a
Stellent CMS backend, so far Squid is 3.21 times faster than not using
cache, and Varnish is 19.68 times faster!


Phil Cryer
IS - Linux Administrator
Desk 5-6987
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