varnish version question

Olivier Beau olivier at
Wed Jul 16 15:17:05 CEST 2008


(i'm posting on this list because i havent found a varnish-user list.. hope
that's ok)

I discovered varnish a couple days, did some pretty good testing of 1.1.2 using
the rpm available on sourceforge; i was peretty impressed by the performance and
by the stability under heavy load.. (though there seems to be at least one
little bug: after 2 hours of production, varnish just hangs; at least the master
thread; didnt have time to do any debugging yet..)


-> Which version of varnish is good for production ?
(maybe this information should be made clear on varnish's website ?)

Concerning my case : i will probably be installing varnish on ~100 servers
(currently running apache, with or without squid..); I (and my team) will have
time for testing, patching and mailling on this list for bugs and features
-> should i consider using trunk ?

Best Regards, 

Olivier Beau

ps: is there a "who's using varnish" page with number of requests per second,
etc.. ?
(the kind of page my management would like seeing ;)

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