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Louis Luo lluo_2wire at
Wed Mar 5 20:02:01 CET 2008

Thanks for your info. But do you mean Varnish 2.0 won't support compression by itself, but rely on the backend to compress HTML pages? If so, then can it cache compressed pages? 

I need to offload the compression work from backend to the proxy, so probably cannot take advantage of this Vary feature. I was wondering how much work there would be to add this compression feature. If this is not that challenging, our team might do some work to port lighty's mod_deflate to Varnish, if that won't conflict with your plan.


> That was a wishlist item, not a promised feature.  However, Varnish 2.0 supports Vary, so if can enable compression on your backend, it will "just work" - but DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES use the sample configuration at the top of Apache's mod_deflate documentation, as it will effectively make every compressable document uncacheable. DES

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