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Thu Mar 6 12:06:05 CET 2008

Louis Luo <lluo_2wire at> writes:
> Thanks for your info. But do you mean Varnish 2.0 won't support
> compression by itself, but rely on the backend to compress HTML pages?
> If so, then can it cache compressed pages?

Yes, and yes.

> I need to offload the compression work from backend to the proxy

Why?  A properly configured cache should reduce the backend load to a
point where you can afford compression.

> so probably cannot take advantage of this Vary feature. I was
> wondering how much work there would be to add this compression
> feature. If this is not that challenging, our team might do some work
> to port lighty's mod_deflate to Varnish, if that won't conflict with
> your plan.

Compression itself is easy.  The hard part is figuring out when and how
to do it; ideally, we should compress a document only if and only if we
get a request from a client that supports compression, and when we do,
we should cache it with the same ttl as the original object.  I imagine
that some of the mechanisms that were introduced to support Vary can
also be used to support native compression.

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