Caching issue

Shain Miley smiley at
Sat Mar 8 00:06:02 CET 2008

I did run varnishlog from the command line without any 
could not reach the webserver because I turned it off...I was hoping to 
setup varnish in such a way that if the webserver fails...varnish will 
keep serving pages.

For example: if user A requests index.html and varnish caches it...then 
5 minutes later user B requests index.html (and varnish still has it in 
the cache) then it should just serve up the file..without ever going to 
check the backend.  I know that it might not be the number one intended 
use for varnish...but that is what I am trying to do...any suggestions?

Thanks in advance,

Poul-Henning Kamp wrote:
> In message <47D1C0B0.4030007 at>, Shain Miley writes:
>>   12 VCL_call     c miss
>>   12 VCL_return   c fetch
> Varnish didn't find a cache-hit and I guess you didn't log the
> backend transaction here, so I don't know what the backend told us.
>>   12 Length       c 455
>>   12 VCL_call     c deliver
>>   12 VCL_return   c deliver
>>   12 TxProtocol   c HTTP/1.1
>>   12 TxStatus     c 503
>>   12 TxResponse   c Service Unavailable
> It looks a lot like it didn't even get hold of the backend...
> Possibly because it couldn't resolve the name of it or because
> it didn't have a route to the backend.
> It looks like you ran varnislog with a -c argument, try leaving
> that out so that the backend transaction also gets logged.

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