cache_acceptor_poll.c oddities (Solaris)

Jyri J. Virkki jyri at
Sat Mar 15 01:49:16 CET 2008

Once upon a time Dag-Erling Smørgrav wrote:
> The poll code has seen very little maintenance or testing lately, simply
> because there are better alternatives on all the platforms we officially
> support.  Theo Schlossnagle has an acceptor implementation that uses
> Solaris event ports; you may have more luck with that than with poll.
> In any case, thank you for the patch; I will commit it as soon as
> possible.

While I'd meant it as more of an illustrative than final patch, I see
you massaged it during checkin already, so thanks!

The other immediate problem I saw I've filed as ticket 222[1] and
included the patch there (related to IOV_MAX limit on Solaris, which I
see from the archives was discussed earlier and the define was changed,
but didn't quite work).

I realize the poll implementation isn't that interesting but I figured
I'd start with it as an initial experiment and add an event port
alternative later, but nice to hear it's been done.

Theo, are you planning on contributing it to the main trunk to make it
easier to access and keep in sync?

Jyri J. Virkki - Santa Cruz, CA


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