varnishd and PAE

Nathan Uno nigel_varnish at
Tue Nov 4 07:44:09 CET 2008


I'm running varnishd on PAE-enabled kernel (on PAE-capable hardware).  At
startup varnishd recognizes that this is a 32-bit operating system and
restricts the cache size to 2GB.  I *think* PAE should prevent me from
running out of address space - is this a correct understanding?  If so, is
there a way for me to ask varnishd to ignore this limitation?  (the source
code seems to say "no")

I've already tried using -s to be explicit, but recent versions of varnishd
(I'm on 2.0.1) seem to enforce the limit regardless of the command-line
options.  I've thought about hacking the check out of storage_file.c and
recompiling, but I'm not sure that's safe.

I'd appreciate any insight anyone might have on this issue.

Thanks very much,

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