behaviour when client drops the connection?

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Stuart, I think 60 minutes is too much time even for Varnish to wait.
In default configuration Varnish would wait only for, if I remember, 60
seconds and then give up on that request.

This can be tuned with -p params, like "first_byte_timeout". You can read
more here:

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On Sun, Aug 30, 2009 at 10:11 PM, stuart yeates <stuart.yeates at>wrote:

> Hello
> I'm looking to use varnish in front of an XSLT/PostgreSQL/Tomcat/Java
> site and have a question about varnish's behaviour when a client drops a
> connection.
> The problem is that there are a relatively small number of pages which
> are _very_ slow to generate (>60 minutes) and a large number that are
> relatively fast. Clients tend to abort the slow pages, so (using our
> current reverse proxy) they never make it into the cache.
> Ideally I'd like to make varnish continue the request and cache the
> result. Is that possible?
> Is there a way to make these slow-to-generate pages have a much longer
> cache-time?
> cheers
> stuart
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