How to add more information in varnishncsa log entry?

hefeng cui hefengcui at
Fri Oct 22 07:34:14 CEST 2010

Hi, varnish dev team!

I am a new user of varnish and my customer and my dev team are really like
Varnish Cache! Great job!

I have a task to do some analytics stuff based on varnish log information.
We want to add few fields in log entry so that a meaningful report can be

1. How long a request was served (start from receive the request and end at
before sending back the response )
2. Cache side action information : Hit Miss or Refresh etc
3. MIME-Type client side requested.

I am looking at varnishncsa.c and varnishlog.c and want to customize current
logging a little bit to do that. Since this is quite urgent task for
me, could any of you point me a direction how to do it ?

Any help is highly appreciated!

Best regard,
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