[PATCH] vmod_digest

Nils Goroll slink at schokola.de
Thu Aug 18 16:05:32 CEST 2011

Hi Laurence and all,

sorry for the _very_ late response, I've been highly customer-demand driven and
(and chased by deadlines) during the last months, so much work I started on
Varnish stayed unfinished. The good news is that customers now demand more
Varnish work again, so I hope to return to the more active circle again this year.

>> phk had spotted a race condition in base64_init which I had overlooked (and even
>> commented on sarcastically), so I've added code to pre-generate the base64
>> lookup tables.
>> All other changes are due to the changes to varnish code since then.
> This looks really interesting. Do you have an up to date version of
> this patch? It no longer applies and I was unable to find the base git
> revision in the repository (maybe my lack of git-fu.)

phk wasn't happy with the patch at the time for two reasons, IIUC:

- he didn't like the generator for the base64_tables.h to be done in python
  (which I didn't quite understand at the time because he uses python scripts
   to generate such things all over the place)

- he had asked me to clean up the digest functions code to use
  algorithm-specific function pointers rather than the case statements

Because, at the time, I had no resources to finish these two things, the module
did not make it any official repo at the time.

I am using the code in production, but not on current versions of varnish.

I will definitely need a Varnish 3-compatible digest module by the end of 2011,
so I will come back to this. If anyone else wants to finish this, feel free.


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