Mission:Impossible -- a known-to-(really!)-work Varnish3 + Drupal7 VCL?

dtwork.7 at mailbolt.com dtwork.7 at mailbolt.com
Thu Nov 3 19:44:35 CET 2011


I'm on a 'mission' -- to identify a solid, recommended, known-to-work
with/on Drupal 7 Varnish3 VCL, including module selections/configs,

Basically, a solid starting point.

I've posted about it here:

  "Looking for (just) one, good, complete example of Varnish3+Drupal7

What troubles me is the statement, there:

	"There's no cookie-cutter varnish configuration because each
	instance is very site specific."

For peak-performance tweaking, I agree.

For basic functionality, my current perception is that that's flatly

The same exists for Varnish2 + Pressflow6 -- it's referenced from the
Varnish wiki.  It works, really well.  Install Pressflow6, install
Varnish 2, set up the modules/settings as per the FourKitchens wiki --
done. Works for the "90%" of basic installs.

For V3 + D7, however, it's a solution that's not readily found.  At
least, I haven't -- and, apparently, neither have lots of others
similarly thrashing about.

I'm quite certain that there are vetted, working V3+D7 VCLs in
production.  Heck, people are building companies and giving
presentations on solutions using it. I've contacted a number of them
asking them to consider contributing their solutions.  So far, noone's
taken me up on the idea.  Iiuc (?), Varnish Co. itself is using Drupal
-- I'd guess that's with a known-to-work Varnish3 VCL?

To THIS list, I'd like to ask:

	Is there a known-to-work-in-real-production V3+D7 VCL that
	someone will share -- that's solid enough that it can/will be
	referenced as a good starting point on the Varnish wiki?

It would be hugely useful to short-circuit the random noise out there,
get a good working starting point, so that we can get sites up and
running -- and then pay money to folks as needed to optimize & tweak as
we grow.

And, yes, it's possible to scour countless posts, etc. and (randomly)
piece together snippets -- that's part of the problem.  For every
snippet that someone says 'works', someone else in the same thread
typically says, no it doesn't, and then the discussion peters out.  I
certainly admit I am unable to understand what the fundamental
difference between the V2+PF6 and V3+D7 scenarios is that explains why
we HAVE a 'good' community recommended/documented starter config for the
former, but not for the latter.

If, otoh, the answer really IS "every installation is different", and
that there is no longer a recommended (by community members who have
already done) starting point, that too would be really valuable to hear
& know -- from this list, where I'm assuming the expertise abounds.  At
the very least, that could usefully be communicated to the rest of us
mere-mortals and we could all stop looking for something that's simply
not there.


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