Mission:Impossible -- a known-to-(really!)-work Varnish3 + Drupal7VCL?

Mattias Geniar mattias at nucleus.be
Fri Nov 4 08:53:42 CET 2011

> 	Is there a known-to-work-in-real-production V3+D7 VCL that
> 	someone will share -- that's solid enough that it can/will be
> 	referenced as a good starting point on the Varnish wiki?

Hi there,

I've created a pretty basic template for Drupal 7 (which needs further
extending), but to my experience is pretty solid. As you say, it will be
dependant on modules that set specific cookies etc.
You can have a peak here:

The VCL you're looking for is in the conf.d directory, I've separated
the fetch/receive actions.

Mattias Geniar

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