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Thomas SOUVIGNET thomas.souvignet at
Tue Oct 11 11:10:51 CEST 2011

On 10/06/2011 10:21 AM, Martin Blix Grydeland wrote:
> Hi Thomas,
> Range requests and streaming are right now mutually exclusive 
> features. If a range request comes in, it will loose it's do_stream 
> flag. I am working on enabling the range support on streaming 
> requests, and for the streaming case this means the clients will 
> receive the range bytes at the time they become available on the 
> stream (backend request still asks for the whole object). I hope to 
> have something finished for this within a couple of weeks.
> Allowing range requests against the backend and populating the cache 
> from those bits is not something we are working on right now. It would 
> then require ETAGs matching to guard against the backend object being 
> altered over the life time of the cached object, and will require some 
> heavy thinking to get right. We might look into doing this some time, 
> but it is not in the plans right now.
> Regards,

Hi Martin,

We ran our tests on your streaming branch and so far everything is going 
really fine. For now your solution runs far faster than any other free 
solution we tested (squid, nginx and traffic server).
The only missing thing for us is a working HTTP Range caching. Do you 
have an estimation about when you can provide a patch for this ? My 
company is very interested with this feature and with Varnish in general 
and we should have soon some dedicated time and developers to work on it 
so we can provide patches for the streaming part of Varnish. If you are 
interested in us helping you for the range caching, tell us so we can 
coordinate our efforts to have this working.

Thanks for your work.


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