Persistent storage question

Aurélien footplus at
Thu Sep 15 23:02:13 CEST 2011


I'm currently investigating an issue on some caches we are trying to put in
production, and I think we'll make a separate post about the whole setup,
but i'm currently personnally interested in the following messages:

default[18290]: Child (19438) said Out of space in persistent silo
default[18290]: Child (19438) said Committing suicide, restart will make

These can be triggered in storage_persistent_silo.c, but I'm not exactly
clear on why varnish commits "suicide", and how this could be a "normal"
condition (exit 0 + auto restart).

We're using one of the latest trunk versions (d56069e), with various
persistent storage sizes (tried 3*30G, 1*90Gb), on a Linux server with 48Gb
memory. We're caching relatively big files (avg size: ~25 Mb), and they have
a long expiry time (~1year).

Also, the document I found,, does
not exactly explain if/how the segments are reused (or I did not understand

What is the reason and intent behind this restart ? Are the cache contents
lost in this case ? Could this be caused by a certain workflow or
configuration ?

Best regards,
Aurélien Guillaume
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