Size issues in ncsa log with gzip

Tollef Fog Heen tfheen at
Tue Feb 21 12:03:29 CET 2012

]] Delacroix, Gauthier

> 1. It sound logical but NCSA size of a gzipped request is the compressed
> size, and I see no way to get uncompressed size for my statistics 2.
> When responding to a client not supporting compression (no
> "Accept-Encoding" header), Varnish send a chunked response. Of course
> there is no "Content-Length", but varnishncsa also shows zero as a
> size...

The missing size for chunked requests sounds like a bug.  Please file

> Is there a way to ask varnishncsa to log the "real size" of an object
> instead of its "Content-Length" value ?
> It seems obvious that varnish do not know the size of the gzipped
> object, but could there be a way to "store" the real size with the
> object itself ?

Assuming your backend sends content-length you can store it as
X-Content-Length and then grab that header instead for the length field.

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