RFC: new vcl_lookup{} proposal

Poul-Henning Kamp phk at phk.freebsd.dk
Mon Sep 17 09:33:41 CEST 2012

Right now we go directly from vcl_hash{} to either vcl_hit{}, vcl_miss{}
or vcl_pass{} depending on the outcome, and that means, amongst other
things, that a VCL implementation of "PURGE" as to add code to all those.

Furthermore we have some semi-magic things going on behind the scenes,
such as grace and saint modes.


* Backend fetches will be done by a different thread than the one
  processing the clients request.

* vcl_hash{} always is followed by vcl_lookup{} and that the above mentioned
  logic gets moved to VCL, rather than C code.

* vcl_hit{} goes away.

Then a plausible default vcl_lookup{} could then look like:

	sub vcl_lookup {

		if (!obj) {
			// Miss:  Start a background fetch in another thread
			// We come back here, when the status of that fetch
			// is available. (ie: we go on the waiting list)
			return (miss);

		if (obj.ttl <= 0s &&
		    obj.ttl > -req.grace && obj.ttl > -obj.grace) {
			// We have a grace situation
			if (!obj.busy) {
				// Nobody is fetching yet, so start a
				// background fetch
			// NB: First client does not hang on the fetch
			return (deliver);

		if (obj.ttl <= 0s) {
			// object is too old, fetch new one (see miss)
			return (miss);

		return (deliver);

Possible customizations:


	if (req.request == "PURGE") {
		// We pressume access control was in vcl_recv{}
		return (purge);
		return (purge_all);


	if (obj.ttl < 2s && !obj.busy) {
		// Close to deadline, pre-fetch

Don't stream, only deliver complete objects:

	if (!obj.complete) {

I'm seriously pondering if saintmode should become a vmod at the same
time, in which case it would probably look something like:

	sub vcl_lookup {
		if (obj.ttl <= 0s && !saint.ok(req.backend, req.url)) {
			return (deliviver)

	sub vcl_fetch {
		if (beresp.status >= 400) {
			saint.bad(bereq.backend, bereq.url);

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