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Sat Dec 21 21:02:38 CET 2013


I've started using varnishtest framework recently, and have an  
extremely hard time finding documentation on specifics. So I started  
writing my own. I think it would be valuable for the project to  
include it in the distribution, so decided to write to this list.

You can check out my first attempt at reverse engineering varnishtest  
script commands here:

Since there is no page (that I can find) that talks about script file  
structure and commands, I'm not sure where to submit a pull request at  
this time. In addition, there are a lot of holes that need to be  
filled before it's good for general public usage.

What would you think be the best route to proceed with? Can someone  
help fill those question marks and correct any errors I might have made?

Best regards,
Sergey Syrota

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