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Sat Dec 21 22:42:57 CET 2013

Yeah, your blog is one I relied on heavily to get me off the ground  
with my project. Nice writeup :)

Yes, we can work together on it. Man page might be suitable place for  
it. Is this a convention? And if so, is this the place for those man  
pages: I  
can submit a draft containing info in my blog post, but this will need  
to be amended before can be merged into the repository.

Quoting Dridi Boukelmoune <dridi.boukelmoune at>:

> Hi Sergey,
> A vtc(7) man page is on my todo-list, maybe we could work on it together ?
> I did too read the source code to understand it better, and wrote a
> blog post [1] too ! I'm glad I'm not alone thinking that varnishtest
> should be adopted beyond varnish and modules. I also have another blog
> post coming, which shows among other things how to implement it on a
> project. I'm bookmarking your post, it's even more useful since I
> haven't dug that much into varnish 4, aside from keeping my vmod up to
> date, and that you cover new features like logexpect :)
> Best Regards,
> Dridi
> [1]

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