[VDD15Q3] VMOD in main distribution and VFP-based VMOD(s)

Arianna Aondio arianna.aondio at varnish-software.com
Thu Aug 27 15:22:28 CEST 2015

Hi everyone,
two are the points I'd like to discuss during the upcoming VDD:
* (HIGH PRIORITY) I'd like libvmod-rstatus to be part of the main distribution.
I've already written an email to the dev-list in this regard, please
read the linked email in order to have some
The final idea is to have a standalone VMOD, part of the main
distribution, that creates a json object containing several Varnish
counters, with particular attention to backends' counters.

* (LOW PRIORITY)VFP-based VMODs and response body accessibility. We
are able to access the request body using a VMOD
(https://github.com/aondio/libvmod-bodyaccess), but nothing has been
done for the response body.
Accessing and modifying the response body is possible during the fetch
process, before the object is stored in the cache. Implementing
VFP-based VMODs opens up to a lot of different possibilities such as
transformations, do regex on response body, images resizing, etc,
It would be nice to have VMODs able to insert themselves in th VFP chain.

See you all on Tuesday!

Arianna Aondio
Software Developer | Varnish Software Group
Mobile: +47 98062619
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