Varnish 5.0 changes to defaults

Kristian Grønfeldt Sørensen ksorensen at
Fri Dec 4 09:42:23 CET 2015


After we talked about changes to default values for 5.0 yesterday at
VUGX, I realised that I'd like varnishlog to group log entries by
request as a default, rather than by session.
Grouping by session usually outputs too much data for me, so I've
actually developed a habit of including "-g request" in my varnishlog
And when you are behind at TLS-terminator, that multiplexes requests
across multiple connections to Varnish, grouping by session becomes
mostly useless, so grouping by requests by default makes more sense to

While on the topic of changing defaults, I think we should include
Surrogate-Control and ESI parsing in to the builtin VCL as discussed

Kristian Sørensen

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