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> Hi,
> After we talked about changes to default values for 5.0 yesterday at
> VUGX, I realised that I'd like varnishlog to group log entries by
> request as a default, rather than by session.
> Grouping by session usually outputs too much data for me, so I've
> actually developed a habit of including "-g request" in my varnishlog
> commandline.
> And when you are behind at TLS-terminator, that multiplexes requests
> across multiple connections to Varnish, grouping by session becomes
> mostly useless, so grouping by requests by default makes more sense to
> me.

I realise now, that the default is to group by by XVID rather than by
I'd still like the default to be grouping by request rather than by XVID
though, as grouping by XVID  gives you either Req or BeReq, but not both -
unless you want varnishlog to display all records (no "-q" specified). Even
if you get both records, you still have to stitch BeReq and the Req
together using the XVID  of the Req in the "Begin" tag of the BeReq.
I can't think of a case where i would prefer grouping by XVID over grouping
by request.

Kristian Sørensen
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