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Arianna Aondio arianna.aondio at varnish-software.com
Thu Jul 9 14:05:01 CEST 2015

>>Now, I think having function 1 as part of std_vmod is a good idea,

>I don't think this belongs in std_vmod, it is a well defined
>specialised type of functionality and that naturally belongs in
>its own vmod I think.

With "own vmod" do you mean a vmod that can be part of the main
distribution or a vmod that doesn't live in Varnish at all?

>If somebody feels adventurous it could be a candidate for
>vmod implemented VDP-based synthetic object generator.

I'm sorry,but I don't really understand this statement.
I don't get how involving VDP could simplify or improve such a vmod.

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