Cache request body and user-accesible functions.

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Wed Mar 4 00:40:38 CET 2015

That sounds good and will work for hash_data() and things like hashing.

Any thoughts on regex operations? Also, is this 4.1 material?

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> , Federico Schwindt writes:
> As an initial observation I think req.body can only have type BLOB.
> Anything else is just asking for problems I don't want to have, or
> involves so much special-casing that it's painful to even think about.
> >hash_data(req.body);
> >
> >In this case hash_data()  will internally know what (length) to use.  This
> >might work in Varnish core but will require specific handling outside
> >though.
> So one way to do that would be to make req.body be a BLOB, and make it
> hash_data(STRING|BLOB).  That requires serious VCC hacking and will
> cause code duplication (ie: hash_data__string(), hash_data__blob() etc.)
> Another way of getting the same effect, which may need less VCC
> hacking, makes it hash_data(BLOB), and adds a general (automatic)
> conversion from STRING to BLOB (just like we have for <ANYTYPE> -> STRING
> today.)
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