Patch: Use calloc instead of malloc when running out of VSM space (common_vsm.c)

Poul-Henning Kamp phk at
Tue Mar 8 13:26:47 CET 2016

In message <CAJV_h0YVCRfTOFk=6N3H9jNxnrXM05ht2pQkyJ-FY-LGfu1H_g at>
, Federico Schwindt writes:

>We use calloc in many places, I do wonder how many of them do really need
>it. The downside of using calloc when is not really needed is that by
>zeroing the memory you end up with resident memory and not virtual, which
>in turn might lead to swapping.

This is almost always intentional, as we generally do not over-allocate.

The exception is the malloc stevedore where we do.

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