Patch: Use calloc instead of malloc when running out of VSM space (common_vsm.c)

Pål Hermunn Johansen hermunn at
Wed Mar 9 14:01:00 CET 2016

> The comment isn't going to help anybody very much though, it would be
> a better idea to improve on the comments on the vsm_overflow[ed]
> counters where people can see them.

I have changed the patch and attached it again. Now the comment is
trimmed down a bit, and with this the many typos are hopefully gone. As I
say in the commit message, I plan to do a different patch for the
documentation of the counters.

I would appreciate it if I got a green light on the patch, or some feedback
on anything else which should be changed before pushing.

> It does not look like we emit a SLT_Error record when this happens,
> I think we should.  VSM_Alloc() looks like the best place for it,
> but there is a chicken and egg issue since VSM_Alloc is also used
> to allocate the VSL buffer.

I think I understood this, but will not change anything about error reporting
now, unless it is completely straightforward. I am just starting working with
the code, and I do not want to introduce an infinite recursion during my first
week at Varnish Software.
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