Patch: Use calloc instead of malloc when running out of VSM space (common_vsm.c)

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Wed Mar 9 09:09:51 CET 2016

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>Subject: [PATCH] Use calloc instead of malloc to allocate extra VSM space.
>With malloc we would read from uninitialized memory (implicitly with ++ or +=).
>Also expanded comment: When we need to allocate extra VSM space
>with malloc/calloc, the space will not be available to other
>processes. The workaround is to increase VSM space through the
>runtime parameter vsm_space.

Good catch.

The comment isn't going to help anybody very much though, it would be
a better idea to improve on the comments on the vsm_overflow[ed]
counters where people can see them.

Personally the "did/does" difference was too subtle for me to spot,
and I spent some time trying to find out why we had two counters
with the exact same definition.

It does not look like we emit a SLT_Error record when this happens,
I think we should.  VSM_Alloc() looks like the best place for it,
but there is a chicken and egg issue since VSM_Alloc is also used
to allocate the VSL buffer.

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