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Poul-Henning Kamp phk at
Thu Mar 17 17:23:36 CET 2016

In message <CABoVN9A-wkfejm9JABfy+foJG8zsfA+y+V-ursK2XJDdQ05mwg at>, Dridi Boukelmoune writes:

>libvarnishapi has a clear scope, 

Yes, that's for VSM/CLI only applications.

>but libvarnish OTOH is a catch-all library kind of like libc
>and contains things that are sometimes completely unrelated.

It is our internal library.

But if you look carefully, you'll see that we drag a lot
libvarnish into libvarnishapi already:

        ../libvarnish/vas.c \
        ../libvarnish/vav.c \
        ../libvarnish/version.c \
        ../libvarnish/cli_common.c \
        ../libvarnish/cli_auth.c \
        ../libvarnish/vin.c \
        ../libvarnish/vmb.c \
        ../libvarnish/vre.c \
        ../libvarnish/vsb.c \
        ../libvarnish/vtim.c \
        ../libvarnish/vnum.c \
        ../libvarnish/vsha256.c \

So in practice the libraries are less different than you'd think...

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