Implementing req.do_gunzip

jonathan.huot at jonathan.huot at
Fri Feb 10 17:33:30 CET 2017

Hi varnish-dev,

We're currently migrating our vmods from varnish 3, and we have a vmod which
is uncompressing request's body to handle situation where backends are very old
and not able to handle gzip encoding... It happens sometime.

Instead of rewriting this vmod into a V4 module, I was guessing if you see the benefit of integrating into the core instead? It could be done by doing something like

set req.do_gunzip = true;

VTC could be approx..:

$ cat g00008.vtc
varnishtest "test basic gunzip for client request body"

server s1 {
        expect req.http.content-encoding == <undef>
        txresp -status 200
} -start

varnish v1 -cliok "param.set http_gzip_support true" -vcl+backend {
        sub vcl_recv {
                set req.do_gunzip = true;
} -start

client c1 {
        txreq -gzipbody {FOOBARFOO}
        expect resp.status == 200
} -run

varnish v1 -expect n_gzip == 0
varnish v1 -expect n_gunzip == 1

If you think it's interesting and any PR are welcomed, I will be glad to do one.
Else, I will upgrade our VMOD instead :-)

Jonathan Huot
Thomson Reuters


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