Varnish code coverage results online

Poul-Henning Kamp phk at
Thu Jan 5 17:08:30 CET 2017

I have spent the day retooling the code-coverage stuff I have been
running manually since day almost-one of Varnish.

The results are now online:

(There's a link in the navbar at the bottom of the project homepage)

I have also, at the same time raised the official project goal to
"90%+ of *all* executable code tested automatically".

Your assistance reaching this goal will be appreciated.

Right now none of the curses(3) code is tested automatically.
Doing so is non-trivial, but doable.

Maybe varnishtest::process should simply (ha!) grow a -pty option ?

Another big chunk of non-tested code is in libvgz, and just
on general principles I might go in there with some lobotomizing
#ifdefs and WRONG()'s, since that is code that we don't want
to ever execute in the first place.


PS: Needless to say: The instant we hit the 90% goal I'll raise it again.

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