Varnish code coverage results online

Dridi Boukelmoune dridi at
Thu Jan 5 18:31:32 CET 2017

> I have also, at the same time raised the official project goal to
> "90%+ of *all* executable code tested automatically".

Only line coverage? Nothing for branches?

90% branch coverage is even a bigger challenge ;)

Another thing: if we want proper code coverage reports, we need to
aggregate from different platforms if we hope to cover platform-specific
code. Does lcov(1) work on FreeBSD? I know the "l" stands for Linux
but at least with lcov I _know_ we can merge reports.

The problem would then be: how to collect the reports?

I personally use which can receive and aggregate coverage
reports and pin them to commits. There are other similar services, I'm
not trying to promote a particular solution.


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