VIP23 (VSL refactoring) design sketch

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Fri Apr 12 19:24:11 UTC 2019

In message <CABoVN9DAYQYd7OiaH-MJg-A425H7OGccZ39aCk0xE_nbqHB9mQ at>, Dridi Boukelmoune writes:

>Interesting, for textual logs the effect of vsl_reclen is
>straightforward but how should we deal with binary records truncation?

Maybe redefine the limit to apply to individual strings (ie: header
values) rather than the full record ?

>> Some other lessons learned:
>> The binary records are not necessarily shorter than the ASCII-formatted
>> records.

It is incredible how often people overlook this.  I've been ranting
about it for almost two decades now, in particular in context of the
userland/kernel API.

Imagine if in addition to errno there also were a const char *errstr
which the kernel could fill out, that would do *wonders*, in particular

My favourite example was a Nx64 card where the driver spent more
than 35kloc of source code on defining a ton of structs for ioctl(2)
usage but no matter what the kernel found deficient, the only thing
it told you was return(EINVAL).

I threw out the entire thing and added a single ioctl which passed a
struct with an input string, containing a command like
	"set chan 4 ts 4-12" 
and another string out with an error message like:
	"channel 11 already allocated to chan 5"
didn't even spend 1kloc on it...

>> comes to 48 bytes on my machine, about twice as long as a string like
>> "110 0 110 210 224 434". I don't think we can do much about that.

It depends what we know about the numbers.

For the 68K they had done a lot of statistics, and therefore their
relative jump instructions worked like this:

	[opcode] 0x00 [16 bit signed displacement]
	[opcode] 0xff [32 bit signed displacement]
	[opcode] [8 bit signed displacement]

This gives good compression, without sinking in the
"variable length integers" like the crap in OSI/X509/H2/H3

Of course Motorola had the benefit that neither zero nor minus 1
gives any meaning as relative jump displacement.

We would probably want to sacrifice 0xfe rather than 0x00 (Benfords
Law and all that)

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