VMOD havoc generating patch

Dridi Boukelmoune dridi at varni.sh
Tue Feb 5 09:54:03 UTC 2019

> >No, I mean when I look at the generated vcc_$VMOD_if.h, I see many
> >occurrences of the $Prefix that are not guarded by VPFX() macros.
> The VPFX/VARGS/VENUM macros are mostly intended as convenience for the
> files the vmod-author writes.


> I didn't VPFX the prototypes to not _force_ people to use the VPFX
> in their code if they dont want to, but if the consensus is that
> we should be pushing VPFX() usage, changing it is just stylistic.

I will leave it to $Prefix users that need to support both 6.0 and the
new 6.2 vmodtool to leave an opinion here. I don't use the $Prefix


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