LTS time frame for Varnish 6.0.X?

Erik Wasser ewasser at
Wed Sep 4 13:40:24 UTC 2019

Hello varnish-dist at,

I've read the posting "Varnish Cache 6.0.2 LTS released" 
from Dridi Boukelmoune and I'm asking myself about the time frame of the 
announced LTS version. How long will Varnish 6.0 be supported?

I've searched at Google but I've found nothing at all, so I'm dropping 
my question here:

How long do you want to support Varnish 6.0 (for Ubuntu 18.04 Bionic if 
this matters). The background ist: should user that are affected
by "VSV00003 DoS attack vector" 
( upgrade to 6.2 or 
downgrade to the LTS version 6.0?

Thanks for listening.

Erik Wasser

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