LTS time frame for Varnish 6.0.X?

Pål Hermunn Johansen hermunn at
Wed Sep 4 14:36:46 UTC 2019


ons. 4. sep. 2019 kl. 15:40 skrev Erik Wasser <ewasser at>:
> I've read the posting "Varnish Cache 6.0.2 LTS released"
> (
> from Dridi Boukelmoune and I'm asking myself about the time frame of the
> announced LTS version. How long will Varnish 6.0 be supported?

The 6.0 LTS will be supported for a while after the next LTS is
announced. I can't find an official number, but I am pretty confident
that the overlap will be at least six months.

> should user that are affected by "VSV00003 DoS attack vector"
> ( upgrade to 6.2 or
> downgrade to the LTS version 6.0?

I would, without a doubt, switch to 6.0. By now, the current 6.0 is
just as new as 6.1 and maybe also 6.2, with all the back ports which
have been done. We will also continue to back port fixes, and even
some features, to 6.0.

Are there any fetures in 6.2 or master that you need? Are there any
problems with 6.0, that you run into?

Pål Hermunn Johansen

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