Varnish logging

Dirk Gomez lists at
Mon Apr 30 17:32:56 CEST 2007

>> (Debian Etch, self-built varnish-103 package with your "HOST"  patch
>> from trunk for varnishncsa)
> I assume you rebuilt and reinstalled the entire package?

Yes (so that everything fits together).

>> varnishncsa returns to its nanosleep routine.
> Does varnishlog behave normally?


>> Should I recompile with   --enable-developer-warnings and  --enable-
>> debugging-symbols set to yes and retry strace?
> Those flags won't make any difference for strace, but they will make
> it easier to get a backtrace if it segfaults again.  Please remember
> to 'make clean' before rebuilding with these flags, otherwise they
> won't be applied.

No more segfaults.

varnishncsa -d outputs something now - just for one of our "virtual  
hosts", none other makes it to varnishncsa's output. varnishlog works  
fine tho: it outputs the other vhosts as well.

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