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Damien Wetzel dwetzel at nerim.net
Wed Apr 4 15:03:55 CEST 2007

Dag-Erling Smørgrav writes:
 > Damien Wetzel <dwetzel at nerim.net> writes:
 > > Dag-Erling Smørgrav writes:
 > > > Damien Wetzel <dwetzel at nerim.net> writes:
 > > > > i think it could be interresting to add a field in the ncsa logs
 > > > > telling if the object was delivered from the cache or had to be
 > > > > fetched.  Is there a way to get w3C log ?
 > > > That's what varnishncsa does.
 > > i haven't seen any fields using varnishncsa which refers to cache
 > > hits or miss the man talk about the possibility to get the logs in
 > > combined format but i don't how to do it
 > The output of varnishncsa *is* the so-called combined log format.  It
 > contains no information on cache hits / misses.

i believe there would be a way to get W3C logs  which are widely used
in writing a specific program.
I still think that information about hits/misses in the logs would be usefull.

 > > PS: I don't think ESI for a v2 are a good addon.  ESI is mainly an
 > > akamai tool to catch customers but is not of real use.  the standard
 > > hasn't changed since 2002 and doesn't seem to be widely used.
 > You are mistaken.  ESI is widely used by large online news outlets and
 > portal sites, including some of Linpro's largest customers.

For me ESI are so web 1.0 , now the tendency is to deport the personalisation
on the client side.

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