Varnish and awstats

Denis Brækhus denis at
Wed Aug 22 08:05:35 CEST 2007

From: jdouglas <jdouglas at> 
>Is there a trick to getting awstats to work with varnish? 
>I tried doing varnishncsa -a -w filename and then pointed awstats to this file but it gives me an error that the log format must be incorrect 
>a bad format or LogFormat parameter setup does not match this format. Your AWStats 
>LogFormat parameter is: 4 This means each line in your web server log file need to 
>have "common log format" like this 

Try setting the "Combined" logformat instead, which is what varnishncsa produces.. 
>From the varnishncsa man page : "Display Varnish logs in Apache / NCSA combined log format" 

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