docs, howto and best practices

Ingvar Hagelund ingvar at
Tue Aug 28 11:42:20 CEST 2007

* Sébastien FOUTREL
> Unfortunately, I already read that articles and it has only a bit of meat to feed my hunger.
> Where can I found vcl languages docs ?
> The website and my googling did not gave me good results.

I don't think there exists more, at least not in publishable form.

I agree that documentation of the vcl language, and some best-practice
notes and advice is poorly needed for the project. On the other hand, at
least, we now have the man pages. We all have to prioritize how we use
our time, and that of course includes the main developers, who probably
wisely use most of their varnish time on squashing bugs and programming
for varnish-2. Dag-Erling, is it possible to push some documentation
production up the prio list?

> I know basics but wants to go further.
> Varnish is already production used on a 7M hits/D website and it works perfectly.

Post your config here and ask about comments for it. Then tell us what
else you want to do with varnish, and if you are lucky, some on the list
may tell you more.



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