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Rich Christiansen warproof at
Fri Dec 7 08:16:27 CET 2007

Hello, all!

First of all, thanks to everyone for making such a great product.  
Varnish has performed wonderfully.  It really does 'just work'.

I am having some problems regarding logging, however.  Our specific app 
requires detailed logging data for every transaction.  Namely, we have 
to track the number of bytes leaving our app so that we can charge 
clients based on data transfer usage.  So, for using varnish, we've got 
two problems:

1) varnishncsa seems to only log the size (in bytes) of the file being 
transfered.  We deal a lot with large files (30MB-100MB), so many of our 
file transfers are cut short.  We need to be able to log exactly how 
many bytes were actually transfered.  Is this possible?

2) We've also noticed that if the file transfer is aborted before about 
2MB is transfered, the file transfer isn't logged at all to access.log.  
Is this by design?  For the same reasons stated in #1, we need to find a 
reason to log these transfers as well.

On a side note, I tried using Squid (yuck) and found that it satisfied 
point 1, but /very/ strangely also had the same 'problem' described in 
point 2.  (Although the 'logging threshold' was lower, around 1MB or 
so)  So weird.

I'd love to hear your thoughts!  If we can't get this working, I'm going 
to have to resort to a suboptimal solution using lighttpd and rsync...(yuck)

Thanks in advance,
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