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Fri Dec 7 09:41:29 CET 2007

In message <36256474-9C9D-4C1C-9CE8-12AD5D5EE682 at>, Ricardo N
ewbery writes:

>> In message <d4284sx3kke05yf.061220071449 at>, Erik writes:
>>> Just to make this clear, does varnish identify an object like this  
>>> in vcl_hash?
>>>         sub vcl_hash {
>>>             set req.hash += req.url;
>>>             set req.hash +=;
>>>             hash;
>>>         }
>> Well, mostly.  That is the primary identification, but each match
>> can have multiple different objects, depending on the Vary header
>> and ttl.
>Apologies for butting into this thread...
>Multiple objects depending on ttl?  Can you elaborate?

That's a technical feature we need for prefetch to work.

>Also, how are purges done when variations exist?  I'm guessing all  
>variations get purged.  Is this correct?


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