Current Varnish status?

Denis Brækhus denis at
Mon Feb 12 23:38:09 CET 2007

Hi list,

I have scanned the pretty light backlogs on the Varnish lists, and I haven't seen much discussion on the current state of Varnish. There was mention of problems with lighthttpd, but other than that I couldn't find much..

So, my question is, how stable do you consider the current release to be? Is SVN more stable or is the release the way to go? Anyone using Varnish in a production environment at all? Is that even something I should contemplate? My environment would consist of an app running on Apache 2.0.x with php, so lighthttpd issues are not a concern.

If it is not advisable to use Varnish (yet) does anyone have tips as to alternative solutions? (Squid is of course the ugly but well known alternative.)

Any input would be helpful, we could really use something like Varnish, now!

ABC Startsiden AS might also be interested in sponsoring the development work soonish.

Denis Braekhus - Teknisk Ansvarlig ABC Startsiden AS

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