Current Varnish status?

Kenneth Rørvik Kenneth.Rorvik at
Tue Feb 13 08:57:03 CET 2007

Denis Brækhus wrote:
> So, my question is, how stable do you consider the current release to be? 

I cannot comment on the code itself, but I can give a couple of comments 
on how I perceive varnish as an end-user:

I have been using varnish in a production environment 
( for three weeks + now. In that time, there's been 
one major incident, in which varnish suddenly started dropping all 
incoming connections, possibly resetting, with clients ending up simply 
with blank pages.

At the same time, our main gateway ( was also 
restarted - which probably SHOULD not affect varnish or the web server, 
but my knowledge of TCP and IP is not perfect. Furthermore, the same 
problem was actually worse (in test) for the latest stable Red Hat RPM - 
I am currently running on SVN code (Jan 18).

Varnish has been running smoothly after that incident.

Still, I am keeping a close eye on things as I do not trust varnish 100% 
- call it gut feeling, anyway, I AM using it for production on a college 
site. I don't wan't to get my hands dirty with squid, and varnish is 
refreshingly simple.

My setup is not perfect, I have a major leak on a popular page (due to a 
redirect that varnish does not yet handle), but some graphs are at - varnish was implemented late week 3, 
and the "anomaly" mentioned was medio week 5.

I am keeping a close eye on this list - and the varnish  work is being 
much appreciated. Keep it up :)

Kenneth Rørvik, IT HiO
Tlf 22 45 20 83
Kenneth.Rorvik at

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