Current Varnish status?

Denis Brækhus denis at
Tue Feb 13 20:13:04 CET 2007

----- Kenneth Rørvik <Kenneth.Rorvik at> wrote:
> Denis Brækhus wrote:
> > So, my question is, how stable do you consider the current release
> to be? 
> ( for three weeks + now. In that time, there's been
> one major incident, in which varnish suddenly started dropping all 
> incoming connections, possibly resetting, with clients ending up
> simply with blank pages.

Thanks for the info. I added a content script check to my alteons, checking for the length of a particular object through http. This should eliminate any major mishaps I guess.

So my setup ended up being :

VarnishServer1        VarnishServer2
      |                     |
AppServer1            AppServer2

If VarnishServer1 or 2 fails the alteon falls back to using the relevant appserver directly instead.. 

Looking forward to see how this performs under load. I have high expectations for Varnish actually :)

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