Current Varnish status?

Dag-Erling Smørgrav des at
Tue Feb 13 10:52:23 CET 2007

Denis Brækhus <denis at> writes:
> I have scanned the pretty light backlogs on the Varnish lists, and I
> haven't seen much discussion on the current state of Varnish. There
> was mention of problems with lighthttpd, but other than that I
> couldn't find much..

We are currently winding up for the next development phase.

> So, my question is, how stable do you consider the current release
> to be? Is SVN more stable or is the release the way to go? Anyone
> using Varnish in a production environment at all? Is that even
> something I should contemplate? My environment would consist of an
> app running on Apache 2.0.x with php, so lighthttpd issues are not a
> concern.

The differences between the released version and the svn trunk are
currently very small (a few bug fixes).

Whether Varnish is usable in a production environment depends on the
nature of your application.  Varnish currently does not respect Vary:
headers and interacts poorly with cookies, but if you don't use
either, you'll be fine.

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